A new beginning. Without you.

Starting fresh without someone who’s been pretty much the highlight of my life, she was my everything and all I thought about. Smart, pretty, funny, but she wasn’t the person I thought she was. Never mind, onto people who deserve me and my time. Say Goodbye to Hannah everyone, she is nothing more than a memory.

So, I’m 21.. How do I make new friends, Quiet easily I’ve actually already managed to meet a girl who just so happens to love Legend of Zelda like me and her favourite game is Silent Hill 2, Just like me? What are the odds of that!? Crazy but I think she is cool, she is funny and pretty and she is kind to me and most of all I can already call her my friend and one day I’d like her to be my best friend cos we have so much in common and so much to talk about.

I’m grateful that she has been so nice with me and patient, she doesn’t know about my past or what’s been happening.. Yet. She will know when I’m ready to discuss who it was that watched me fall down, build myself up and then kick down my wall, If you hadn’t guessed by now, Hannah did that, but it’s fine cos she is gone and I’m starting to appreciate the lessons I am learning from her.

People can be awful, the nicest and closest of people can do the worst things cos they know the most and have the most trust but there will be others and these others will show you that not everyone is that heartless and selfish, Its hard to say for definite if some people are good or not, I’m a very good person until you upset me and To be honest, I don’t know why people like upsetting and hurting me but they do so it is what it is.

I’m hopefully moving away to a new place, where I can begin again and start fresh and get on with what I want to do, and build myself up again by myself but this time no one will be able to kick down my wall!

So, here’s to a future without Hannah, without her lies, without her selfishness, without her false promises and without her two faced friendship. Here’s to a future with people who I trust and trust me and won’t hurt me! Here’s to Charlotte.


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