A Boo’s Survival Guide – Chapter 1: The Storm

Ahh the storm, if you’re not familiar with what I’m referring to then let me help you get settled in for the ride. The storm is that part between two people where everything is cold and feels wrong, nothing seems the same and the greatness that you shared seems so far away and you’re both aware of this but either no one talks about it or you just pretend it doesn’t exist.

So I’m currently walking through a storm and the important thing to remember is that the storm will pass, I promise you this, it will eventually fade and what lies beyond that storm is either everything you want or nothing you need so it can be very hit and miss what you come out with really.

Me and Hannah are more distant than ever now, I feel like I cannot be myself around her and that there’s nothing I can do to show her I’m the guy she once fell in love with and even if I do prove this to her, I still don’t think she would believe me and I have different theories but I digress… How do we survive this storm then? Well you both need to acknowledge that it exists and that its going to be hard if you both don’t work together, if you can do that then you’ve done the easy part.

The hard part is walking through it, you need to stay hand in hand with him or her, dont let them run too far or fall too far behind because only 1 of you is holding that umbrella in the storm and if someone ends up getting wet, you can guarantee that they are going to splash about and get you wet too. You need to learn to walk in the rain together and its not easy because some people cannot control emotions like myself and when Hannah is already very selfish, she takes that umbrella away a lot and doesn’t realise that I’m getting wet until I tell her.

No relationship is all sunshine, far from it and would I class me and Hannah as being in a relationship? Yes I would. Would she? No chance. Which is why I can’t and won’t call her my girlfriend and it’s why I don’t think I can even continue to call her Boo which is terrible but yeah.

You both need to be understanding and not attack each other, don’t make each other jealous, don’t think one can survive without the other, don’t think that running in the rain will get you out of the storm quicker because it won’t.

It’s not all sunshine but that’s not important because what’s important is finding someone you can share an umbrella with and survive a storm with, Can me and Hannah do this? Can we go back to the amazing thing we were? Does she want to go back? I feel like she would go back, she would never admit this, she will just tell me “None of it matters anymore” when it really does but she just wants to stand her ground and that’s fine too, our perfection is very much still there and I am with her waiting for her to help me rekindle it.

Maybe she needs my voice? My laugh? Or another Hug? But this storm will pass and hopefully we survive it and see sunshine at the end, I don’t want to see any clouds.


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