Dear Ex-Best Friend and Boo.

It’s been a while again and I apologize for this, life is getting harder and harder and now that I’ve completely lost Hannah idk what to do and I’m to blame for a small fraction of why I lost her and she is to blame a little more but ultimately it was her toxic best friend that caused this rift between us and has left us both without someone who we both thought after 5 years was the most important person to each other.

Her best friend was invited into our world and got involved in every chance she could, she crossed lines she shouldn’t have, sent messages to me she shouldn’t have and ultimately just got in between us, probably because of jealousy. But I’ve now lost my best friend and the girl I loved, after 5 years and its not the best feeling in the world let me tell ya so..

Dear Ex-Boo,

You were my everything, you were my best friend, my team mate, my world, my life, my partner in crime, my Boo, and you threw all this away because A. You let your friend cause a Rift, B. You stopped being open and honest with me so I stopped believing anything you said, C. You pushed me away constantly and D. Because you couldn’t handle that I couldn’t control my feelings because you let me meet you, you let me physically hug you and feel that fire I have inside for you between us, It was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me that hug was. For 5 years we have had ups and downs but the arguments started because of the people you let into OUR world and refused to kick them out like I did and that’s what destroyed us, I won’t take any blame because everything I did was all repercussions of what you and your toxic best friend did and I know you’ll never be able to read this because we have come to a point where we have blocked each other from each others lives, which stings like hell. But Boo, I’ll never be able to give anyone that title because it was ours and we made it up for us because of how close we were and we will never get that back because you’re too proud and stubborn. I hope you have a great life tho and meet someone who you won’t push away but to do it to me after 5 years.. That really hurt, all because you let the toxicity of your friend get the better of you. And I’ll admit I had said things I shouldn’t and done things I wasn’t proud of and I imagine it hurt but you showed me 1 emotion only now, and that was anger. That’s all I got from you. You stopped saying you loved me. Stopped being cute. Stopped tagging me in memes. Stopped ringing my phone and when you did, you always left me cos of that toxic best friend.

Thanks for the rollercoaster, I’m glad its been derailed cos it’s a weight lifted, I’ll never forget you, but I’m gonna try my best to forget to remember.

Love. Big Boo.


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