How I dealt with Bullying.

A lot of people have been through it, Bullying. I’ve had my fair share but I coped in my own way and some have it a lot worst than I ever did and end up taking their own lives, Shocking really, the kind of world we parade ourselves around on.

So Year 7, My first year of High School is where I experienced my first amount of bullying and why was I a target? For having hair no longer than 13 year old Justin Bieber, yep.. Clearly wasn’t the normal thing back in 2007, Oh how things change. I was what people would label Emo at the time, I wasn’t but I guess that was the label I had, I was in the process of growing my hair so I guess that’s why and the black jeans and shirts and hoodies probably didnt help me at all but yea.

How was I bullied? I was called names, stuff like Emo, Faggot, Ugly, Tramp and so on, pretty light stuff really, It was the physical side of it that got to me, Being pushed about, clothes getting ripped from being pulled, being hit in lessons, never being picked in P.E. and stuff like that and how did I deal with it? I ignored it really until Year 8. I stopped attending school completely, that was it, I didn’t want to go and I didn’t, I never had a Year 8, it doesn’t exist because I hated it, I hated the children and teachers, it was all a joke to me, this obviously caused so much trouble for my parents with threats of fines and pressure off the school, I don’t know the full extent but back then it was a lot harsher on parents I’m not sure about now tho.

The solution to it. Refusing to go school without telling anyone why is not the solution at all, If youre being bullied, I can’t stress enough, Tell someone. Don’t be me and make your parents lives hard, Tell someone, anyone, it will stop because nowadays the rules are getting stricter and stricter with Bullying, however I ended up moving homes cos of the divorce and the new school I started attending once I had gotten over my fear of being bullied again, I became incredibly popular and idk how, idk why but I was friends with so many people and everyone was friends with me, it just sort of happened and it got my through school, which are actually some of the best years you’ll ever have, you never understand this until you’re gone and pay taxes and have to work for people that don’t actually care about you.

So that was me against the Bullies, Don’t be me and ignore your education, I passed and got to college and almost University which I’ll talk about another time but please, please tell someone, a teacher, a parent, an adult of some description, they can help and they will.


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