Lemons, Ghosts, A Ring, and Two Hearts.

I miss her so much, I miss what we had as friends and what we shared as Boo's, it was one of a kind, it really was. I know people talk about certain friendships like they are everything and no one else has that but what me and Hannah had was honestly so unique and... Continue Reading →


All I see is the calender counting the days we have lost.

And I'm back. Its been close to a month since me and Hannah parted ways for good, I'd finally snapped, I'd realized so much and discovered a lot about her and who she really was or better yet who she has become, she is younger than me and she has time to discover herself still... Continue Reading →

A new beginning. Without you.

Starting fresh without someone who's been pretty much the highlight of my life, she was my everything and all I thought about. Smart, pretty, funny, but she wasn't the person I thought she was. Never mind, onto people who deserve me and my time. Say Goodbye to Hannah everyone, she is nothing more than a... Continue Reading →

The Hug that made it real.

Love is strange, its full of all kinds of wondrous things and me and Hannah were no exception to this, Personally what we shared at the time was near perfect and I'd give anything to have it all back but its further now than ever and it wouldn't be fair on her to keep trying... Continue Reading →

Dear Ex-Best Friend and Boo.

It's been a while again and I apologize for this, life is getting harder and harder and now that I've completely lost Hannah idk what to do and I'm to blame for a small fraction of why I lost her and she is to blame a little more but ultimately it was her toxic best... Continue Reading →


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